Aggressive Faith Advancing

I was watching Christian TV and a very wise preacher asked 10 very important questions!

1)      Are you just maintaining, or are you pursuing?

2)      Are you in dry dock, or are you launching out into the deep?

3)      Are you just holding the fort, or are you taking new ground?

4)      Are you settled into the status quo, or are you reaching up to the next level?

5)      Are you throwing in the towel, or are you going for the win?

6)      Are you passive, or are you pressing?

7)      Are you just surviving, or are you thriving?

8)      Are you circling the wagons, or are you leading the charge?

9)      Are you behind the 8-ball, or are you ahead of the curve?


These questions stirred my spirit!  I have been thinking of my past experiences and current choices and the results they had, especially in my weakest moments.  These choices affected my family and others in a negative way that was not necessary.  What can I do now to keep the devil at bay, away from me and my family, friends, country and more?  What should I be doing to press forward to where I am created to be?

We have to be more aggressive with our faith!  We have to wake up, move from our place of comfort and make it a new thing to be comfortable in what you would normally say is uncomfortable. The only real safe place is with God in His fullness.  Your place of comfort and lack in so many areas is not safe. One may say, “Hey, I am getting by. I’m not hurting anyone. I’m just thankful for what I‘ve got!” You were not put here just to get by.  You were chosen and created for a glorious reason.  The devil wants to destroy you by making you tired, worn out and passive. Or he can keep you angry, depressed, and wounded.  Do you play your life videos over and over in your mind?  You know the shudda, woudda, coudda  stuff.  They keep you stuck in a loop and nothing changes.  He overwhelms you with stuff that is not important, and he wants to keep you occupied with busy junk in order for you to loose sight of where your values should be.  And if he can keep your thoughts on the unimportant things, and not on God, then he has stolen life from you and is taking up space in your mind; space you are allowing him to rent out. All of these will end up in death. Can any of you relate to this because it sure rings true of some wasted times in my life! Ouch!

Understand, by staying where you are, at present, and not choosing to pursue what God has meant for you to have… you are choosing… Choosing to lack and be less than who you are created to be.  You are choosing death.  Don't be afraid to think bigger!

Philippians 4:13 “I can do anything through Him, who gives me strength.”

Hebrews 10:38-39, “Now the just shall live by faith, but if anyone draws back, my soul has no pleasure in him.  But we are not of those who draw back, to perdition, but of those who believe of the saving of the soul."

Romans 8:6 “the mind of sinful man is death; but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace”

Read your Bible.  Speak words of life.  Pray with your spouse and pray with your family.  Don’t dismiss these powerful weapons God has given us to use! You received them for a reason. Don’t just lay your Bible on the table and let it sit there until you go to church a week or two later!   Get it off the shelf and into you hands, your eyes and your ears!  Your Bible, your Sword, is your best weapon of all!  God Bless you!

AGGRESSIVE FAITH ADVANCING                                       By Anita Crim

AGGRESSIVE FAITH ADVANCING                                       By Anita Crim

Anita Crim