God has a Big Dream

"Best Friends" by Latimer Bowen

"Best Friends" by Latimer Bowen

God has a big dream. He has been unrelenting in His pursuit. The Bible reveals His singleness of focus; from the beginning, He has sought intimate connection with His creation. His unrelenting plea to His beloved is, “Come.” His story has never changed; we are His deepest desire. Please hear His heart. He sees you and knows you, just exactly as you are right now AND you are His deepest desire.


Several years ago, while Jack Taylor was in town speaking on the Kingdom of God, I had an encounter, with the King, that transformed my thinking and shifted the way I live.


As the worship team led, my eyes closed and I will admit to being caught up in His loving embrace. Suddenly, there He was, forcefully present, powerful and full of compassion. The Lion of Judah, Jesus, was before me in technicolor. My heart filled, swelling beyond capacity and I began to leap. All of a sudden, I heard,


Open your eyes”


I did. I knew that my gaze was locked on His. He was looking deep, beyond any layer of facade to the deepest deepness within my most real self. He was staring, unflinchingly, at all of me with such exquisite tenderness and affection that it was only His delicious sweetness that made that moment possible to bear. And, I heard,


I want to be nostril to nostril close.

I want you to be willing to stay put in the intense intimacy”


My heart was pounding; it felt like I might ignite, explode, or disappear forever into the intense intimacy. Frankly, I wanted to cut my eyes away and run. Still, my deeper desire, to please my King, prevailed!  So, with eyes open, seeing beyond vision, I stayed put.


Suddenly, He began to fill my lungs with the gentle warmth of His breath and as I exhaled, He inhaled mine. Back and forth, gaze to gaze, nostril to nostril we shared each other's breath. Staggeringly intimate! And, then I heard, not just from the inside of my ears, but as if He were speaking sound with his entire being into and through mine, the truth that changes everything. His presence leaned in and He, without an ounce of self-protection, tenderly uttered these exact words,


“Your breath refreshes me!”


I stood frozen in that moment as the unbridled truth of His passionate desire for our nostril to nostril intimacy settled into my being. In an instant, His sheer unveiled, staggeringly intimate revelation reconnected all the dots of my life to realign with this truth, we are His deepest desire; He longs for us. Dearest children of the Most High God, the Mighty One wants you to be nostril to nostril close with Him. He is again, boldly, making the first courageous move. He is single minded; His agenda has not changed. He pursues you with everlasting love. He has, in open tenderness, revealed the raw naked, unprotected truth of His deepest longing issuing forth His invitation, “Come”.


Rub the Good News into your heart.

You are God’s Big Dream and Your breath refreshes Him!

The implications are staggering; yippee!


Latimer Bowen