See, do not weep; the Lion of the tribe of Judah of the Root of David has triumphed.

Today, as I went out to clear fence line at the ranch, I was mindful that I had set this particular day as the day I would begin to blog. Family members were praying for me to have the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation. In addition, I was praying for the eyes of my heart to be open, for ears to hear and eyes to see what God is revealing and, further, to receive God’s understanding. Then, I went about enjoying a little ranch work with and my youngest son. He is tough, trained and fit. I am a painter. While on the outlook for rattlesnakes, we worked, side by side, clearing out dense prickly brush. My son worked circles around me. I stuck with it long enough to prove to myself that I was not completely “work brittle,” but not so long as to compromise my hands and arms which were scheduled to paint at church the following morning.

As I walked in the direction of the car, I paused to admire the beauty of our family ranch on the unexpectedly warm February day.  My son continued his hard work for several hours. As I walked across the rocky hill, all of a sudden, our plain old ranch rocks seemed to be disproportionately and strikingly loaded with all sizes of heart-shaped rocks. Because God has established with me a history of suddenly presenting me with white heart-shaped rocks in response to my requesting a sign, I snapped to paying attention. Suddenly, I remembered asking for eyes to see. I couldn’t take a step without seeing another heart-shaped rock. I began collecting them. There were too many to carry and some were entirely to large to move. I began to enquire, “Lord, what are You saying?” His response was stunning. Here is the impression I received.


“Let them know, that your blogging, Project 7 Billion, your paintings, your story and Mine are all about how deeply I love them.”

I thought about those of you who will read this and how completely He loves you. I do what I do for the display of His splendor, and so that you will be reminded that God loves you with unfailing and everlasting love. He takes great delight in you. From the beginning, always, He has loved you and me, and what gives me palpable peace is that God loves us and there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it. Yippee!!!

Latimer Bowen