Invite Latimer Bowen to Your Next Event

Special Needs

So many of you have asked us how best to take care of Latimer during her visit to your church, and for that reason we have created this special site. Thank you in advance for your Holy Ghost hospitality! It is such a blessing to Latimer and so greatly appreciated.



Latimer needs to stay hydrated while painting and speaking! If possible, she would like two medium bottles of Eternal or Essentia water on hand for her during each service, as well as more in her room.


Daily Schedule

Latimer prefers to have mornings for rest, quiet time, and personal devotions. By 1:00pm she will eagerly look forward to having some fellowship with you, and a meal together if your schedule allows. She will need space between services to rest, freshen up, or continue work on the painting.


Completing a painting

Every painting Latimer creates is a unique piece directed solely by the Holy Spirit. Even in the midst of a conference a painting may take new directions multiple times. Because of this, we cannot commit to completing a painting by the end of your conference.


Daily Meals

Latimer usually eats a very healthy diet consisting of real food and healthy fats. A good majority of the restaurants have menus that Latimer can choose from. If you email ahead of time about the restaurants available, she can let you know which one have the best choices for her. Whenever possible, Latimer’s body responds best to organic food.


Ideal foods: Grilled chicken or steak, eggs, fresh salad with vegetables, avocado, and olive oil and vinegar, steamed vegetables, brown rice, fresh berries or in season fruit, Bulgarian whole milk yogurt, honey, and raw nuts.



Latimer is perfectly happy staying in a host home or in a hotel, depending on what is available. However, to make sure she is as rested as possible, it is necessary for her to have her own room and private bathroom.