Merry Christmas from Disney World!


Here we are, my seven grandchildren and I, pictured in front of Disney’s Tree of Life. Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom provided a catalyst that ignited conversations about the Kingdom of God. As the Holy Spirit led, my grandchildren fully engaged in passing out the Lion of Judah, I LOVE YOU, cards to remind people that God loves them. I want to share a just a few of the dynamite stories of my grands in action.


Story One

I began by telling the story about Project 7 Billion and how we are a global collaboration of believers offering the love of Jesus to everyone on earth through an encounter with The Lion of Judah. We share the love of God as we hand out the Lion of Judah and Lamb of God, I LOVE YOU cards. I shared about wanting to dream with God and encountering Him when I asked Him what He wanted and what His dreams were. I told them about hearing His answer and shared my response, “I want all 7 billion to have a copy and know that I love them.”  “And, I said, Yes, Lord!”

I had their attention, so I continued, Jesus said, “Go to all the world and preach the Good News to all creation.” He wants everyone to know that he loves them, each one of us, just the way we are, right now.

One grandson simply declared,

God loves everyone.”

Another said,

“He could have asked for anything in the world and that’s all He wanted; He wanted everybody to know that He loves them. It’s Christmas and everyone is buying gifts. It is like, God is asking for something for Christmas, AND, we can do it.”

Story Two

Several of my grands were eating at a restaurant in Tomorrow Land, when a toddler began choking. As the father was pounding the baby’s back, Leah, my daughter-in-law, a nurse practitioner, ran over to see if she could help.  A nearby paramedic also swooped into action. After the baby was restored, my grandson, Garrett, continued to be worried, because the baby was still crying.

“Mama, could I take some of LaLa’s (what my grandkids call me), Lion of Judah, cards to the family?” He and another grandson, Griffin, sat down and thought out what they would like to say to the family. Walking over to their table, Garrett said, “God loves you and God is with you. Our grandmother is an artist and she painted this picture and it’s to let you know that God loves you and he was with you today.” Later, the toddler’s father came over share his family’s gratitude with each of them.

Story Three

My grands got to meet Star War’s great hero and Wookie good guy, Chewbacca. Simultaneously, they pulled out Lion of Judah, Lamb of God, I LOVE YOU, cards and shared them with Chewie. He delighted them by holding the cards up and posing for this photo.

Project 7 Billion has gone cosmic!

My grands are committed, courageous and remind me that everything is possible with Christ.

They delivered simple, guileless statements of fact and followed their words with action. God loves everybody. God could have asked for anything. What God wants is for everybody to know that He loves them. Hey, it’s Christmas and this is what God is asking for; let’s do it. The children have become my teachers.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours; yippee, amen and hallelujah!!!

Latimer Bowen