So last time I blogged, we set out to discover God's Heart for His people beyond the yucky "Evangelism" project. I thought Step One would be an Outreach project. Join together and build a program for doing outreach. Instead, God and I began this dialogue: 


Ummmmm... What? There's 7 Billion people and counting. Time is a-wastin'! And you want me to stop? 

Right. Stop. 

<Insert long disobedient pause here until finally....>

Ok. Stopped. Just stay here? 

Find Me. Rest in Me. Pursue Me and let Me pursue you. Worship, pray, soak, listen, and receive. 

Right.... come to You and get my cup filled so that I can go pour out, right? 


Hold the Phone. I've heard 10,000 pastors tell me to come get my cup filled! What do you mean wrong? 

"For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." (Luke 6:45)

Right so I come get filled up and then go pour out what I've received! 

Nope. What part of Overflow didn't make sense? 

And then my Good, Good Father gave me the most vivid picture I've ever seen. You know people who have Life Verses? Well this would be my Life Picture. It looks something like this: 

Image from http://thebelovedlife.blogspot.com/p/prophetic-art.html

Image from http://thebelovedlife.blogspot.com/p/prophetic-art.html


"And never leave. You never walk away from this place. Your "cup" is not big enough to hold all of the Kingdom I want to pour out onto my children. So instead of coming to visit Me and leaving to get empty again... Just stay here with Me and let Me pour out and keep pouring out. And as you encounter My world, simply reach out your hand and let the OVERFLOW of all that I am giving you drip from your fingertips. THAT is all that this world needs." 

Laura Jacobs